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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How It's Going Down

My vision for this little blog is to post {almost} daily about decorating our house, thrifty transformations, items I design and make {decorations, stuff for the kids, stuff for me, gifts, etc}, organizing our home and about my adorable little family. I have promised my hubby that I will focus on one or two rooms at a time to remodel. Where Our Story Begins will also focus mostly on those same rooms, but sine this blog is mine we may get a little off track.

I have started at least 5 blogs in the past. I have never made it past week one. I try to make it too perfect and find my bloggy voice before I introduce it to anyone. Not this time! I am jumping head first and will figure it out along the way. Bare with me and, please, offer advice if you have it! I have been following many blogs for a long time and would love to be as successful as some of those wonderful ladies!

One thing that I think will keep me posting is to have a daily plan that is the same every week. I may not follow it to a T every week, but I thrive on schedules, so I think it will work for me. Right now, here’s my plan:

Monday: Mommy Made It Monday {crafts & projects that I make for our home, the kids, myself or gifts}

Tuesday: I want to spend a day each week posting inspirational pictures, words, etc. {There’s no cutesy matchy name…boo}

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday {a picture says a million words}

Thursday: Thrifty Thursday {transformations & re-purposing of items I found at the thrift store, Craigslist or my neighbors trash }

Friday: Family Friday {this is our Family Night, anyway, so it seems like the natural thing to post about}

Saturday: Featured/Guest Blogger {I will feature a blog or blog post that I especially like or we’ll have a Guest Blogger}

Like I said, I may not stick to this every week, but for the most part I will. Just go with me and we will see what sticks!

- Laney