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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday...on Friday

The smart guy I am, I fell down the first set of stairs yesterday. Luckily, I was not holding my daughter {she was watching though and tried to pick me up}. I was sore last night, but this morning it was worse. The inside of my arm is bruised, my ankle hurts {no swelling} and my upper leg is in a lot of pain. No permanent damage...I don't think!

Due to my mad stair walking skills, after grocery shopping with Bug {my daughter} I mostly rested instead of finishing my Thrifty project. I will show you the transformation in the morning...just needs a few final touches!

On a happier note, Living with Lindsay is having a $5 Challenge. She has challenged bloggers to create a gorgeous Spring decoration using $5 worth of items from the Dollar Tree {or the like}. Since the Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Store are my homes away from home, I jumped at this challenge! I will be taking a trip to these fantastic shops in the next couple days. Please comment with ideas!

There are very simple rules that you can check out by clicking on the Challenge button below.

- Laney

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