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Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitchen Cart to Family Center

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I have been going to the Salvation Army for awhile, but I had never ventured into this thrift store down the street from there. On a whim, I turned left instead of turning right to go home one day. I looked around for a little while {probably on the phone, so I wasn't paying attention} and then I stopped in my tracks. There it was...the kitchen cabinet-like piece that I had been searching for. It was the size and shape of a kitchen cabinet and was in ok condition {obviously I have high standards...}. Believe it or not, this is hard to find. The dressers and antiques are a little fancy for my breakfast room, at least for now. This was going to be for my Family Center.
As usual, I got a little excited and ahead of myself as I got ready to paint. This was kinda what it looked like before {minus the towel rail, wheels and the knobs were round wood}.

You get the idea...right? I did manage to get a picture after the doors and top were off.

I also seem to have managed to lose all the pictures of the doors I took. The first day and second! What does my camera have against doors?? Luckily, the steps for the doors were the same for the base. First I took off the knobs and hinges. Yucky wooden knobs, huh?

Then, I sanded and primed. I taped trash bags to the inside of the cabinet because I wanted to keep it natural.

The Family Center
I bought oil-rubbed brass knobs. The screws are too short for the drawer, so the front is temporarily screwed on...as long as the kiddies don't go within 5 feet of it, it should stay up. Eep! I tried to search the garage for screws that will work, but couldn't find any. I did find a huge spider though {or I should say it found me}. Yuck.

The finished picture is not great, but it has been dark and cloudy here all day. The color of the cabinet is a much prettier blue {Wildflower Blue by Rustoleum}. I will attempt better pictures in the morning. Tonight, I am going to finish some organizing of the Family Center and post those pics for Family Friday. We also finished the inside of the Kid Space closet, so you will be seeing that as well.

- Laney

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  1. LOVE the color! Great idea!

    Thanks for linking up!


  2. That is so funny that our blogs are so similar. I signed up to one of your first followers! Good luck with the blog. I'll be checking in regularly!

  3. Great job, and I love the color you chose too! Can't have enough family organization! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday! And I followed ya too... :)