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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mommy Made It Monday - Crafter's Apron

I, for one, think this is the cutest thing I have ever made! I searched and searched the internet for the perfect Crafter's Apron pattern. I liked a little bit of a lot of them. At 10pm Saturday night, I decided to just jump in and create my own from what I had learned {reason for no tutorial or pics}. After a few mistakes, some only perceived, a ton of ironing & planning, and a lot of love I created something that I love! I am definitely going to have to wear something other than sweats while using this. It deserves at least that much respect. Hehe.

The entire apron is lined, as well as each pocket. The top pockets are all larger and there are 4 pencil/pen/brush pockets on the bottom. The sash is made out of the same material as the back lining. I think the eyelet ruffles makes the whole thing. And, yes, I know I can't sew a straight line to save my life. Literally, if someone had a gun to my head and said, "sew a straight line, punk" I would die. I'm ok with it, though.

You do need to help me with a decision, though. I wanted to attach something that I can attach pins to as I take them out of fabric or hold them before I put them in. So, to bird or not to bird? That is the question.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Love it and love the colors you picked! I agree ~ an apron like this needs, at the least, a pair of unripped jeans underneath! : )

  2. Cute! That fabric is so fun

  3. Very cute Alane. I like your choice of fabrics. I like it with the bird. Carla

  4. Oh. I could not picture what you were describing when you said a "bird" to stick pins in. It's cute that way. The fabric is sooo darling.